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Specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife  in Colorado.


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Q.: What Animals Do You Accept?

A.: We accept all species of native mammals that are generally smaller then a wolf, except for a few varieties. We never accept domestic animals such as dogs, cats, pet turtles or pet birds. We do not accept farm animals such as chickens.

Q.: Why Do You Say that I Shouldn’t Feed the Animal?

Q.: What if I Want to Raise Money for Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue?

Q.: How Can I Leave Money to Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue in My Will?

Q.:Do You Require Appointments to Bring in an Animal?

Q.: Where Will the Animal be Released?

Kendall Seifert: Founder & Director

A.: We would be grateful if you would have a fund raiser at your school, youth group, church or organization for us! You can also set up a fund raising page through First Giving that will allow you to easily fund raise and take credit cards.

A.: Simply name Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue in your will. We are a registered corporation in Colorado and a 501(c)3 organization. Our EIN # is 46-3752890.

A.:  In general we do not require appoitments. We are open for intakes everyday from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Other times, in order to provide the best possible level of care to every animal we admit, we schedule appointments around our existing patients' feeding and medication schedules. Many of our patients require feeding and medicating on rigid around-the-clock schedules and failure to adhere to these schedules could negatively impact their survival.

A.: There are many reasons why we instruct you not to feed the animal in your care. First and most importantly, you are not trained how to safely feed the animal. Many people that rescue baby animals try to feed them and end up killing them or severely compromising them instead.

A.: The general rule is that we release adult animals back to their original territory and we release young animals at release sites with appropriate habitat. Young animals are usually raised and released in groups - either with siblings or individuals of the same or similar species.

Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the emergency and extended care of orphaned or injured Colorado wildlife. Our goal is to rehabilitate these animals in a professional manner that allows them to return to their natural habitat and continue their lives in the manner of that species, independent of humans.


In addition to wildlife rehabilitation, we are vitally interested in education and the broader aspects of protecting and restoring the natural habitat of the world we share.


Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue endorses the high standards set forth by the National Rehabilitators Association and the International Rehabilitators Council.