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Specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife  in Colorado.


Volunteer Opportunities ~ Saving Colorado's Wildlife!

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Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue receives no state or federal funding and relies solely on donations. We are a federal 501(c)3, non-profit licensed in the State of Colorado.

Your contribution will help save Colorado's Wildlife!

Every Spring and Fall we need extra volunteers to help with the high volume of wildlife!

We offer a rare opportunity to work directly with wildlife on an everyday basis!

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All of the volunteer positions are important. We require a serious commitment in all the jobs to make sure that these animals survive. The work may be hard, but very rewarding. The experience is one most people will never have and one that our volunteers will never forget!

Thank you for your interest in our organization and in helping wildlife! At Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue, Inc., we rely on volunteers in assisting in the care of wildlife found in central Colorado, helping them recover from injuries, illnesses, and the trauma of being orphaned.

We work with state and federal agencies as well as private organizations in handling the rehabilitation of wildlife. Additionally we are active with national rehabilitation associations.

We are proud to assist private citizens and organizations with wildlife emergencies, provide medical care to many animals annually as well as work to educate the public to respect wildlife and understand the factors that affect their behavior and survival.

Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue has a large staff of Certified Veterinary Technicians and relies heavily on volunteers and corporate sponsors to cover the care, feeding and medical requirements of the wildlife in our care.