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Specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife  in Colorado.


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Does the animal really need help?

Most wildlife never comes close to people.  And in fact, many people enjoy seeing wildlife and find the viewing of wildlife a complement to their property and environment.  So, what makes an animal a "nuisance"?  For most people, it is when the animal becomes invasive or destructive.  Some of the species most often cited as nuisance include coyotes, raccoons, foxes and deer.

Please remember that most of the organizations receive no federal or state funding and rely on the generous donations of people just like you!


Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue is not associated with any of the above companies, but often work with others to achive our goals of helping wildlife to return to the wild as quickly as possible!

When evaluating a wildlife situation, the hands-on techniques will depend on whether the animal is an infant, adolescent, or adult. For more detailed information, please click on the button below.

Every year, Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue receives numerous requests from all over the state from caring people who have found injured or orphaned wildlife and are looking for a place to take them for care. We are glad to know that there are people willing to help these animals, because there is certainly a need for it!


Unfortunately, well-meaning people with the best of intentions often "rescue" young animals when, in fact, these baby birds and mammals are perfectly fine and their parents are probably foraging for food nearby. In most cases, young wild animals should be left alone. However, when in doubt, please feel free to call us for more information.

If you see a wild animal in distress, it is important to resist the temptation to interfere unless the animal is clearly sick, hurt, orphaned, or in immediate danger.

There are a few good resources that specialize in various types of wildlife.